Friday, 8 May 2015

Mommy Do I need routine? Tips by fellow bloggers&Readers

None of us mommies get a routine Right all the time or sometimes we are all 
for routine and sometimes we not.
I asked some fellow bloggers & mommy readers out there what worked for them
here is what  they had to say . . . 

Our routine is pretty much a case of survival - wake up, keep the kids alive and relatively entertained until bedtime :) We do try to keep the night time consistent with supper, bath, story, pray and then bed. For my sanity I try get them into bed by 6.30. ~ blogger ~ 3 kids 2 dogs 1old House
As a new mom the best advice I received from the Midwife was to follow the babies cues and they will develop their own rhythm.  I found this very challenging in the beginning as I am a person that loves routine so not knowing what time the next feed or sleep was, was quite frustrating.  However I followed this advice and tracked sleep and feeding patterns with an app called Sprout.  This allowed me to see patterns emerging and sure enough I could see a “routine” developing.  During the early days I watched My little boys awake times rather than having set times for him to sleep and I still do this 9 months down the line.  This works for me as sometimes his naps are 45 min and other times they are 2 ½ hours.  From 3 months we introduced a bedtime routine of bath, bottle and bed.  We still follow this basic routine but after bath now we have quite play time in his room (puzzles, books and cuddles), a story then bottle and bed. If we are out we try to keep to this routine even if we have to modify it slightly.  Most nights it works and by 7pm Hubby and I have a chance to have dinner together and relax. ~ overcoming mom reader 

In the early newborn days I full believed in letting Malakai tell me when he was hungry and when he tired and read his cue! Every day was so different because he struggled with colic , so I had to work around that and work around him. One thing I did keep consistent in those days , was at around 5/6 pm it was bath time then bottle in his room. So no matter how the day went, the night was always the same.To this day it's still the same for us . We follow his lead but also preempt things and are prepared for what the day holds. We find having this kind of flexible routine helps in having a happy toddler and happy parents . Our flexible routine suits our son and our family. ~ Cass Lee ~

I am actually kind of like one of those hippie parents to be honest. I never set any kind of routine. I breast fed on demand (trying very hard to stop now!), co sleep/slept. My husband and I figured when Jake was ready for something it would be easy and have found this to be true so far. What I have found that worked was listening to him. Babies set their own routine and if you keep to it they seem very happy. When we wanted something, like for him to start to go down at night in his own bed we would start doing it and after months it would become the norm. He now goes to sleep quite quickly with me lying next to him around 6.30/7 after a bath and some supper and on a good night stays asleep until 1.30. That's the routine that suits him at the moment, it will change when it no longer works. Not everyone's cup of tea but I never saw the point of strictly adhering to a routine I set when 
he changes so quickly. ~ overcoming mom reader 

I'm a mom who likes routine. My boys like to know what's coming next so we work alot with star charts and calendars. My boys are early rises so we choose to send them to bed early (7pm) so we get some adult time in too and have a hot cup of tea ;)  I strongly believe in a afternoon lie down even if it's just quiet time on the bed reading or playing with a toy quietly. We really do enjoy our family time together but believe that our kids need special alone time with nan granny and gramps too and they look so forward to special sleep outs at them ~ mamma&nanna 

I am a firm believer in routines!

I get home from work at 5:30 and after hugging and kissing everyone I start supper. While supper is cooking I spend time with the kids - Mikayla tells me what she learned at school and whatever else she feels like sharing and Knox lies on my chest. We eat supper at about  7pm - sometimes just before, after supper we draw or watch cartoons for about 30 minutes. I always make sure that 
Mikayla has no screen time for at least half an hour before bed as she gets nightmares, so at 7:30 it is bath time for both little ones (that also helps calm them down). After the bath I get Mikayla in her PJ's and put out her outfit for the next day and then I read a story to her and Knox. Mikayla goes to sleep at 8:15 and then it is time for Knox's feed - once he is done he goes to bed too. Wehn both kiddos are sound asleep I pack all the bags for them for the next day and get everything ready (hubby helps with this) - then we spend some quality time together for an hour or so. I like getting into bed at about 10pm. It works like a well oiled machine, I love routines! ~ caffeine&fairydust-~

In closing. You need to do what's best for you . For hubby, Matthew and I we had a perfect book baby till 24 months and thereafter things got tricky but because of the routine we had in place, it was easier to adapt and swing a few things around. 

As for now at 36 months. We wake around 7am, watch some telly and we hardly eat breakfast as there is no breakfast he has taken too, and I have tried everything. So doctors advice is put out some nibble bits : ham,cheese, raisins etc. He goes to school, comes home for lunch and somedays he naps others he doesn't. It's a toss up between 7pm bed time or 830pm bedtime. Night time routine for us is dinner, bath, small bottle and TV/story/cuddle. Lights off and bed. Carry to bed and we generally have a solid nights sleep. Except for the  occasional drenched leaking nappy, cold or too hot.....
While mr moo is winding down for bed, I tidy the kitchen and last bit or house, put out hubby and mr m'S  clothes  for the next day , I make their lunch. This makes waking the next morning easier, fresher & puts me in a way better mood. #atype

Xxxx happy routineyZ