Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Why you do all this for me mommy ...?

After yesterday shopping spree where I landed up covered in a stinky nappy 
that had leaked out the side of his nappy, I didn't think it would happen today again , this time I managed to save it .... And with this heavy Cape Town South Easter it doesn't make it easy .. Yikes
Anyway I planned to tidy a very messy house and spring clean Matthews bedroom ,but instead I landed up submitting a few blog proposals amongst some Preschool work, amongst some washing & a pop in coffee visiting friend, arriving with  well needed biscuits......
After mr m's haircut & visit to pick n pay, it was a off to builders warehouse, where I landed up pushing 8 bags of river sand& a 18kg toddler with my big bum sticking out, practically push-walking on my tippy toes,
Then home to pack the wheelbarrow, fill the sandpit, cover it up a& then continue to clean & sort the house , prepare dinner & run the bath before daddy walked in ,
ShuWee I've gained a muscle or 2 today.... Makes me appreciate the sandpit my folks made me , and the countless hours they put into housework. 

Why do we do this, because we love our wee little ones, :0)
Which reminds me somewhat of why Jesus died on the cross, ?.
Because he died for us , for all our sins?
Because He loves us.
Thank you Jesus 

Till next time