Sunday, 9 November 2014

The LoVe of aToddler

Even though I feel like I have one of the busiest toddlers around, and after having 3/7 days last week, where I felt  like the Duracell bunny was never going to stop jumping.....
Even though I had moved my house around 3 times last week in order to prevent him from climbing onto the lounge windows or the kitchen windows......

Even though marriage is tough at times, and there are some challenging moments.......

Even though the potty training is improving everyday, it's a challenge of the constant reminders or clean ups. A couple many of them at times. .....
Even though my house is often a lot of work, I've grown to love my home .....

Even though I have one strong willed boy with a strong mind and physically strong too......
As strong as he is, he hates the typical Cape Town South Easter :0( and loves to close the windows and hide in his tent rolled up......

Even though I feel like the wooden spoon is stuck in my hand a bit often these days ......
Even though I feel like I have the toughest job around .....
Even though I feel like a woman with no significant title other than a daughter mom and wife and ex 
teacher ...

Even though I feel like I clean most of the day ....
Even though our budget is pretty tight

I love love love love what I do .... I love being a stay at home mommy , 

I love welcoming my hard working hubby home at night , 

I love that I have learnt to love my home, it's not just a house, but a home, I love that I can love my 

I love shopping for groceries with a busy toddler on board, 
I love stopping for a quick , super quick baby chino with him before or after a shop. 
I love having the patience to be the mom and wife I was created to be ,
 I love that I can have the teeny bit of extra energy to pack my husbands lunch, bag & put out his clothes for his next days work and pamper (at times ) to his needs. 

I love that I can take my time to get myself and my boy ready for the days activities ahead and stop to smell the roses on the way out.

I love that I can cuddle and smother him in kisses all day long.

I love that I can have friends and peers for him to embrace us, pick us up, care for us and keep us challenged.

I love that he is full of his blessed energy to climb, grow and learn.

I love that we have God as our centre, God as our provider, God as our peace keeper, God as our 
strength and I'm glad that my boy knows where HE is, in his heart.

I love that my husband and I can still treat ourselves twice a year or more to a few date nights, even though getting dressed and origanised is a little more challenging these
So grateful for my handy hubby who could build this awesome sandpit to keep mr moo busy....
See Pinterest link. Overcoming mom Kim Ingpen gardening 
And I love that I can have another year (next year) at home with  our boy.  I pray it goes well and I look forward to adding a daily preschool curriculum. I love the fact that I get to teach my own, my one pupil, and I'm grateful for experienced ones around me.
I'm grateful for my Lord above, my family , husband and wonderful friends & a super church family.
We are so blessed.....

Who would ever have thought this Overcoming mom Would ever say all of the above :0)
On that note another blessing in my life is the awesome triplet mommy Melissa who is exceptionally creative,

This week she is giving away a family set(4) of Christmas Balls in order to prepare us for the celebration of our Wonderful Jesus's Birthday = Christmas
If you'd like to win your own personal set, please share & like her Facebook Page
Competition will run till midday Wednesday 12 November

Till next time

God bless
Me xxx