Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Be you ....

Good morning, as the rain falls here in Cape Town, I finally get to squeeze in a dash of time to complete this blog post.
Waking the news of the Australian cricketer passing away at the tender age of 25 and a dear friends :life long friend passing away too leaving a wife and 4 year..... My heart is so sad for them, I pray Gods amazing peace on them all.

I'm so grateful I haven't watched, seen , nor read the latest post of the traumatic nanny cam episode, but what I've been told, shattered my heart in pieces .... 
My little heart can't cope with these stories, but Thank The Lord He is in it and we can turn to him in everything, it also puts all our lives I to perspective, it shows us to count very blessing we have, and appreciate everything, everyone, everyday.
Last night  in our comm group we had to write our than for everything we have been blessed with or continue to be blessed with and what a list mine was. I'm so excited to see what every new day brings, beyond excited actually, 

But it hasn't been all peaches and cream. We all have our little struggles, but our attitudes are the ones  that depict the outcome. 
I've had to succumb to reading and gaining strength and extra strength for my little strong willed, strong minded, physically strong, love able, blessing  of  our gift from God . 

Everyday is a continuous discipline and love and guidance to grow him into a Great child. As a mom, dad , parent, we often feel like we could just fall to the ground and crumble, we often feel alone 
judged, is it just us, are we doing ok, 
But after a reminder from friends , just Be You, be the best you can be, do the best you can , keep going strong, and these years are tiresome, but so rewarding.
With all our thankfulness and daily pushing through, we also have ticklists and wow ticklists are so 
awesome once they are completed or particularly completed. Some of our recent ticklists, have been completing a sandpit (Matthew has absolutely loved his time in there, one of the best investments), 
putting up our Christmas tree, painting a few homely things, hanging our tv( to prevent accidents), writing our Christmas list, resorting kiddie room, sourcing a second hand balance bike, finally putting plastic (inexpensive) on our dining room table, and booking Noddy.

Let me go, sending you all many many blessings, love and hugs, 
We are so looking forward to visiting a few  wonderfuls review spots soon, and I look forward to reviewing them back to you with possible giveaways included... Watch this space..
Fun depot Cape Town
Warwick wine farm child friendly picnics
Newlands kiddies day. Firefighters

Take care 
Me x 
Ps. For the first time in 30 months I was able to go out and do a little job, and I managed just fine #PNDovercomer .... 
Ps. And lately our little angel was recently enrolled in a little playgroup, even though this mommy is emotional for the next step of change, it feels so right. And the cherry on top is even though I had countless worries of how we would cover the fees, the day after enrollment I got offered another little job that covers the fee to the cent. How awesome is that. Thank you Lord.