Monday, 3 August 2015

High 5 YOU! "Yes" you

High five you ! "Yes" you. Whether you the mommy. Daddy. Granny. Grandpa. Sister or who ever you are with a kid that you care for. Well done and high 5.  Or whether you are that someone waiting long and hard for your little blessing. High 5 to you too.....

Whether you have one kid, 2 kids, 4/5. Well done. Whether they 1 month old or heading to 18 with all the teenage Stuffs. High 5 to you . You deserve that guilt free coffee, glass of wine or that huge slab of chocolate.

Whether you parent with a hubby or wife or whether you parent alone. High 5. But alone, extra high 5. And if you the daddy or mommy  that works extra long days,hours and mommy or daddy is alone with babies a lot. More than one full day give your wife or hubby a super tight hug, a treat and a mouth of praise. ( even if you don't understand) 

Whether you have a full time nanny, au pair or you do everything alone , well done, but extra high 5 to the parent that does everything alone.

A parent is a parent we all deserve the biggest hug, slab of choc, piece of cake, a cold beer, wine , cup of tea or that guilt free feet up pedicure.  
You are all amazing. Kiddies take our hearts out of our bodies and Wear it on their sleeves and they take a lot of hard work ! everyday , every minute, every second. 
Our minds race from the moment we open our eyes, till the time we close them and still we dream and pray many silent prayers of safety , security , love and blessings.

Marriages take knocks but together a team is a far bigger winner ! and PRAISE LOVE  and gentle words is what will make us get further each and every day. Love conquers all. 

Dads and moms no matter the roles you play. Whether it's a hard day at work or mom at home all day with tots, thank each other ! 
Yes moms because I'm the stay at home mommy I have that extra shuweee breath with you. 
And I only have one. 
One to dress, one to feed ( which sometimes doesn't even happen : cause we got up to late or the TV wouldn't go off or maybe the mere fact that mom doesn't do breakfast very often herself : naughty mom yes I know ) ,
Teeth to brush ( sometimes only once a day) tot to entertain or to do the school run, groceries. Bills to pay , house to clean and clean and clean , washing ironing , and yes the lists goes on . 

But whoever you are the worker mommy or stay at home mommy or daddy ! you a PARENT and that's super awesome. It's a life LONG  high 5 and you should be proud , not guilty, yes proud! 

Proud of that new day and to make that day , count, each day is super precious. 
Another day gone, no need for worries but for living ( easier said than done but true) , no need for stress, but for caring , Live that day, 
breath that day, 
care embrace and hug those precious jewels ( wives, hubbies, and tots too ) hug, love , care and embrace it. 
Life is precious, a blessings , short and .......

That's why today I say , kick those shoes off, who cares if your undies don't match and you don't fold the purple heeled socks with the matching pair, or if you don't get groceries today but tomorrow instead, or you leave your hair for another day, who cares if your tot watches 1 hour extra TV today.
Do what works for you. !

As my mom once said no one gave me a noddy badge for natural birth, breast feeding or cleaning the house a million times a day ! Do what works for you , your home and your family and your kids.

So if that means a messy home for a day , a extra cup of coffee and you lying on the floor with your tot and building one extra puzzle, if it means leaving the dishes to watch that Sunday night movie with hubbub! Do it ! 

Do it for today, 
 for the precious moments that  we've been given and tomorrow has it's own worries,