Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines Day at home

Don't know when last we spent a Valentines day at home, no pressies, no breakfasts out, lunches out , nights at a hotel, guesthouse, day trips or  lavish dinner dates out...... 15 years together has brought some good memories...
                                                                          But today the 15th Valentines Day together is somewhat different , a little bouncy, blonde haired, blue eyed boy is included and the £ wallet is affected in a different way,
 the bills are altered and hence today we embrace this time of our lives, a challenge YES,
 but a trip to the store to find the bag of nappies we need, & a cuddle together with the Love we have been blessed with ; 
is a moment we embrace as these are short lived years of our lives,
And one day we'll be back to breakfast, dinners, movies and lavish dinners out....
So for now it's HAPPY VALENTINES DAY , may you all be blessed with an abundance of LOVE,
God Bless,