Sunday, 4 January 2015

For my PND readers

To my PND readers (specifically)
Where am I at this stage of my life 2 years 7 months down the line ...
I started my blogging less than a year ago and the pace at which it has grown has been wonderful, but if it was just for the sake of helping my fellow women, I would be happy. The feedback has already been so special. If anyone would like to be added to the overcomingmom watsapp group please email me : 

This festive season has been a good rest, hasn't it.Lazy I'd say eek. I was rather anxious about our trip to Durban by aeroplane And how the holiday would work out, but it was actually perfect,everything went very well, and I guess the worry wasn't worth it ( however it does show growth & healing, because past holidays have NOT been easy) 

For me my aim this year is to blog even more, to venture out even more: as this mama  must stay busy as we have the next big change in our life, little m is going off to school, only 3 x a week, but when he has been exclusively around me for 32 months, one finds the adjustment tough. Do I question - as to why I can't just be like the other moms and just do it, yes I do, but being gentle on myself , it's ok, it's me and my little battle.
Yikes...... Not really looking forward to the day, in just a few weeks time. 
But once I'm settled and the Change is old Hat,
My next goal is to come completely off my meds, last year I was weaned to half and hopefully this year I'll be weaned off completely. Shu, if I remember back, it wasn't easy on the body and mind, but I can do it, yes I can.

For the rest of you battling out there, in this area specially whether it's a newborn, baby or toddler, be strong, keep talking and know that I'm always here for you, 

Take care
Kim, Overcoming mom
Instagram: overcoming_mom